Content Management

At the core of every great experience is great content

You need to expedite content delivery in the face of changing needs and limited resources. Whether you want to easily stand up and reuse content on any channel, or use one platform to store and manage it all—we’ve got your back.

Design compelling experiences​

Give editors the ultimate freedom to create captivating experiences using the flexible admin interface.

Create once, publish everywhere​

Manage all your content in one place and power all your digital experiences​ seamlessly.

Deliver content flexibly ​on .NET5

Expose content using a headless API or through Optimizely’s global Content Delivery Network​ (CDN).

Start with the great content. Make sure people understand the brand. And then really just focus on saying for every single person that bothers to take the step to come onto our own property, make sure we fundamentally focus on that user. How do we give them a reason to stay on our platform instead of just watch the festival speed video on Facebook?​

Simon Gardiner
Head of Digital Product, The Goodwood Group

Explore the capabilities

Approval workflows

Manage roles and permissions, use default or custom-built workflows, and rely on notifications, alerts and escalations to ensure each task in the sequence is completed.

Content management

Create and target personalized content and commerce experiences for dynamic audience segments.

Media management

Manage the automatic tagging, personalization and deployment of hi-fidelity rich media, including photos and videos.

Authoring & layout

Using a range of lay-outs and drag-and-drop functionality, combine your creativity with a solution that supports each step of the content creation process.

Built on .NET and Azure

Deliver elastic scalability, at high speed, robust security and a managed service with expert support. All built on the Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform.

Search & navigation

Provide visitors with a friction-free discovery experience and automatically build landing pages based on visitor search terms.

Project management

Utilize a single interface to track progress, receive notifications, review contents and control localization and translation.

A/B testing

A/B Testing quickly shows authors the most effective way to present content to visitors with data and guides marketers to the content that converts best.


Capture real-time or historical behavioral data to create visitor groups and design the most relevant and rewarding experienecs.

Data Core Service

Stitch customer and account profiles to create holistic view that goes deeper than just website traffic with enriched first-party data.

  • Harmonized data
  • Unified customer profiles
  • Lead with first-party data


Present products across all your applications, edit content and control the brand experience in one place using coupled, decoupled or headless architecture.

  • Freedom of choice
  • Headless, not brainless
  • No limits

The experts agree. Optimizely named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™

Forrester Research named Optimizely a leader in the Forrester Wave report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) on strength in testing and optimization, digital commerce and platform operations.

Plans and pricing

Create compelling content experiences. Empower your editors to compose great experiences by creating and combining content assets.

Frequently asked questions

What is content management?

Content Management is our industry-leading content management system (CMS) built on .NET and Microsoft Azure. You can also use it with any other programming languages if you run headless.

Do I have to host it myself?​

No, we provide full service provisioning and management of your environment on Microsoft Azure's blazing fast cloud platform.​

Can I use it headless?​

You can deploy Content Management decoupled (headless), coupled or as a hybrid.

How does personalization work?​

Out of the box, you can create and manage rules to show personalized content to different audiences. Or, upgrade to AI powered 1:1 personalization with Content Recommendations.​

Are there any limits to how much content we can store?​

No, we do not charge based on how much content you store.​ You have virtually unlimited content storage.

Is there a free trial?​

While we do not offer any trial versions, your developers can download a version for local testing to try it out. If you'd like some help getting started or for us to show you around,​ get in touch.

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