Diversity, equity & inclusion

Diversity means understanding, valuing and celebrating differences between people—all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, abilities and orientations, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

What diversity and inclusion means to us

We value an employee's authentic self while respecting and reinforcing an inclusive workplace culture. We always strive to build, hire and develop underrepresented talent, promote inclusive leaders and nurture people of diverse backgrounds and identities.


As a global company with offices across the world, Optimizely attracts talent that reflects the unique characteristics of each vibrant locale where we are based.

We reflect our customer base

Customers consist of small and large scale businesses, consumers of all ages and people of all demographics, genders and races. So does our business.

Creative thinking

Our innovative community enables us to solve complex problems and adapt to any challenge thrown our way.

An Optimizely for everyone

Optimizely's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are formed around shared employee characteristics or demographic factors. They foster environments where employees can bring their whole selves to work and promote an inclusive culture where all Optimizers feel like they belong.

Women of Optimizely (WOO!)

Welcoming employees of all genders who want to make Optimizely a great place for women to work. 

Out at Optimizely

Welcoming all LGBTQ+ advocates and allies who seek to create an inclusive work environment for Optimizers across the gender and sexuality spectrums. 

Parents at Optimizely

Including all Opti-Moms, Opti-Dads, parents-to-be, and anyone interested in supporting parents at Optimizely. 

Veterans at Optimizely

Offering support and fellowship to employees who have served their country in the armed forces. 

Diversity and Inclusion (DIG)

Welcoming Optimizers who want to build a more inclusive Optimizely & tech community.

Black Employees

Focusing on education, awareness, and empowerment in support of our Black communities. 

Jewish Employees

Providing community and connection rooted in Jewish culture, tradition, and values.

Christian Employees

Exploring and supporting one another on how Christian faith and values shape our worldview and workplace.

Green Team

Educating on environmental sustainability at work and in our daily lives and promoting green company initiatives. 

Mentally Forward

Reducing isolation and stigma by providing a supportive place for those dealing with mental health issues or those of a loved one. 

Young Optimizers

A community for Optimizers who are earlier in their careers that provides a place to socialize, seek mentorship, and plan career growth.

Our commitment to diversity

The WIT Network

Professional Diversity Network

ScaleUp DEI Pledge Insight Partners

Life at Optimizely

Ambition has its challenges, but we focus on customer outcomes and proudly push boundaries. To get it done together, Optimizers don’t ask what you need—they ask how they can help. We seek new and better ways of doing things and embrace a diversity of perspectives to foster a culture of inclusion.