Intelligence Cloud

One platform to scale experimentation, deliver innovation and optimize experiences

You need to understand your data quickly and discover actionable insights. Meeting customers where they are matters to you, and to us. We can help get the most out of what you know so that you can personalize experiences at scale.

Predict customer behaviors

Trust your findings, set goals and explore data-driven solutions to exceed them through machine learning.

Integrate and test instantly

Bring in data from any channel with one-click integrations and test your ideas with a harmonized data model.

Engage with everyone

Transform data into real-time customer profiles and engage one-on-one with customers from where they are.

We were initially doing some fairly blunt segmentation based on what we knew of someone's sector or their location. With Optimizely, that moved to be a much more personalized view; we were able to get much more granular data.

Jon Ewing
CMO, Fitch Group

We can help you find the right solutions

Web A/B Testing

Your website is evolving, why not experiment at scale?

  • Don’t guess, test
    Let customer sentiment drive your decision making and eliminate the need to guess what will convert.
  • Maintain speed
    Performance edge runs fast website experiments by moving processing from the browser to the edge (CDN).
  • Increase revenue
    Decrease customer acquisition costs without increasing advertising spend and developer workload.

Feature Management

Want to experiment across all customer touchpoints?

  • Deliver at every step
    Experiment deep into your stack to create exceptional customer experiences on everything from search results and promos to recommendations and payment structures.
  • Reduce risk, fail faster
    Prove the impact of new features, performance improvements or backend changes before rolling out to everyone. Empower your product managers to control feature rollouts separately from code deployment.
  • Know what works
    Stats Engine delivers statistically relevant results in real-time so your team can make faster decisions. Let your whole team experiment and watch the best idea win every time.

Customer Data

Want to do more with your data in one place?

  • Drive more revenue
    Customer segmentation is key to evolving from batch-and-blast to hyper-relevant behavioral campaigns. Enhance your segmentation with deep customer insights and predictive recommendations.
  • Unify your data
    Putting your shopper at the center of everything starts with unifying your data into one actionable customer profile. Bring this data together from any source – from marketing to commerce, loyalty, POS, app, and service.


Want to create compelling email campaigns?

  • Drag and drop
    You don’t have to be an HTML expert to create emails that efficiently engage and deliver results. Use our drag-and-drop editor to customize color schemes, edit photos, build content blocks, create hyperlinks, and more.
  • Segment and automate
    Maximize the lifetime value of your prospects with email, direct mail, SMS text messages and call centers by bringing multi-channel tactics to your automation strategy.
  • Integrate quickly
    We provide a range of integrations to get you up and running in no time. Whether you need a plug-and-play Salesforce integration or want to build tables to store custom data, you can make important data accessible for every campaign.


Want to know more about your content?

  • Power audits with AI
    Get a bird’s-eye view of your content landscape quickly with AI and NLP dashboards. Know what content you have by topic without manual content audits.
  • Know how to stay relevant
    Analyze all your content in real-time with big data analysis so you can make informed decisions on what content needs to be created next.
  • Prove a clear ROI
    Know exactly which topics drive high value actions, conversions and revenue for the business so you don’t waste time creating materials that won’t convert.

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