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The next generation of B2B Commerce: Adapting to the Millennial buyer

The times are a-changing when it comes to B2B Commerce.

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Whilst Gen X and Baby Boomers continue to hold the budget, millennials are now the most common decision-maker in the buying committee. As this new cohort of B2B buyers gains more influence in the workplace, they bring with them changes and challenges for B2B sellers. 

Relative to their older counterparts, millennials have very different buying preferences. Marketing and sales leaders must tune their strategies to resonate with this generation of buyers or risk losing deals to more dialed-in competitors.

Join Optimizely’s Josh Schoonmaker, Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Tina Nelson, Product Evangelist Director, as they explore the impact of the generational shift on B2B Commerce.

In just 40mins, you will discover:

  • HOW to adapt your go-to-market strategy to millennial buyers
  • EXAMPLES of best-in-class B2B Commerce experiences
  • BEST practices for B2B Commerce websites in 2022

The webinar will take a deep dive into the changes happening in manufacturing & distribution and examine how leading companies are transforming quickly to meet their customers’ demands.


Tina Nelson

Product Evangelist Director

Josh Schoonmaker

Global VP, Product Management