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Hybrid work impacts delivery of exceptional customer experiences

Why seamless marketer experiences are critical to driving creativity and exceptional CX in the era of remote and hybrid work

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A survey of 900 marketers around the globe 

Most marketers do not have the resources to be creative. Dispersed teams and a lack of effective collaboration tools have been barriers to creativity. This is what we learned after surveying over 900 marketers.  

This creativity disconnect means customer experience has left something to be desired in the remote/hybrid work era. With CX more important than ever, it’s all about bringing better ideas to life. 

So, we compiled everything we learned into a concise report that will help you drive creativity and CX through seamless marketer experiences. 

In this report, we include: 

  • How remote work has hindered creativity 
  • The impact of creativity disconnect on marketing teams and their customers
  • Why creativity, marketing and CX are inseparable
  • The secret to driving creativity and high-quality CX