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The Big Book of DXP

A DXP platform makes creating behavior-driven experiences simple, crafting sophisticated content faster, collaborating easier, and anticipating customer needs more efficient. This guide will help readers discover how they can eliminate guesswork and make every interaction matter.

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Recent times have taught us that digital is no longer a business strategy. It’s the main – and sometimes the only – driver of successful business.  

And as digital experiences have transformed over the years, so too has the role of content and content systems, which have evolved from CMS to WEM and now to DXP.  

This evolution represents significant changes in channels (from single to omnichannel) and in content management (from content-centric to customer-centric).  

And as online strategies focus on customer-centric content, DXPs offer a seamless and consistent way to bridge digital touchpoints. In other words, they provide the capability to reach customers on a one-on-one basis, which increases both conversions and revenue.  

In this ebook, we will: 

  • Define a DXP and how it can be leveraged for your business 
  • Debunk the five myths that hold back digital transformation 
  • Take you through five essential tips for choosing your platform 
  • Provide real-world stories from organizations that use a DXP