How to manage content like a pro

Every good business plan has a human component, one that begins with how you manage content and how users interact with it. You don’t use your content management or marketing platforms for abstract reasons, you use it to change opinions, prompt action and guide thoughts. From ideation, creation and collaboration to monitoring content performance—we now offer a one-stop-shop for marketers. Optimizely Content Marketing is a leading marketing resource management (MRM), digital asset management (DAM) and content marketing platform (CMP)—together in a single solution. We are unifying two category-leading platforms in pursuit of one singular mission: enable marketers to orchestrate exceptional digital experiences.

We believe that content underpins everything.

We know that strategic content defines experiences, but it’s tempting to talk about digital channels in the abstract. We create “technical architectures,” define “outcome-based analytics” and plan “orchestrated journeys.” In each case, we tend to concentrate on the specifics of the channel and less about what goes in it. Optimizely is a content company. We facilitate collaboration in-system to make sure all members of your team can contribute. The appetite for digital content has never been higher, and we are here to help.