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Content Marketing

Manage tasks, work, campaigns and content across teams for seamless collaboration.

  • Digital asset management
  • Handle tasks and workflows
  • Streamline work requests
  • Integrated calendar to track timelines
  • Easy commenting and collaboration to avoid bottlenecks

Content Management

Create compelling content experiences. Empower your editors to compose great experiences by creating and combining content assets.

  • Content management
  • Authoring and layout
  • Headless API
  • Approval workflow
  • Design compelling experiences
  • Create once, publish everywhere
  • Deliver content flexibly on .NET5


Web Experimentation

Experiment everywhere and personalize every touchpoint.

  • Run many types of A/B tests
  • Reliable results with stats engine
  • Personalize content
  • AI predictive audiences

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Feature Experimentation

Remotely manage and experiment on features server-side in your apps.

  • SDKs in 10 programming languages
  • Advanced audience targeting
  • Cached data files keep your app fast
  • Robust community and docs

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Run multiple shops, inventory and a catalog online and/or offline.

  • Multi-site & multi-lingual
  • Visitor targeting
  • Project collaboration
  • Inventory and order management



Get prescriptive guidance in real-time so you know what content will convert and drive revenue.

Data Platform

Align your entire brand around the customer experience and let us do the heavy lifting of surfacing opportunities, automating tasks and streamlining execution.

Digital asset management

Save time, eliminate waste and govern your brand with Library—a digital asset management tool built for marketing content.


Automate your multi-channel campaigns and start seeing boosts in the lifetime value of your prospects. Keep more customers longer.

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