Feature Experimentation

Deliver new experiences with more control and impact

Innovate your whole product lifecycle with higher quality releases, safer tests, and faster feature validations.

Deliver at every step

Experiment across your entire stack including web, apps and OTT to create impactful customer experiences. Experiment on everything from content to search results and algorithms.

Iterate with confidence

Experiment within your product lifecycle by testing alongside feature launches. Confidently roll out new features by testing multiple versions with specific audiences.

Know what works

Real-time experiment results, powered by our industry-leading stats engine co-developed with Stanford, so your teams can get insights and make decisions at scale.

We were initially doing some fairly blunt segmentation based on what we knew of someone's sector or their location. With Optimizely, that moved to be a much more personalized view; we were able to get much more granular data.

Jon Ewing
CMO, Fitch Group

Explore the capabilities

Progressive delivery

Continuously improve the customer experience. Ship code faster and with more control. Empower your team with Full Stack control levers and kill switches.

Optimizely stats engine

See the impact of your experiments in real-time, with sequential error control and machine learning that delivers accurate results. 

Omnichannel experimentation

Set your own user IDs to create consistent personalized experiences across all your customer channels. Deliver winning experience wherever your customers are – on your website, mobile apps, TV apps, and IoT apps.

Behavioral targeting and segmentation

Rulesets allow you to target features at locations, demographics or any attributes you define. Quickly QA experiments by accelerating specific users into variations.

Data tools

Easily export event data from Optimizely. Connect to BI and analytics platforms. Data Lab offers an environment to analyze experiment data with other sources, add metrics post-rollout or experiment, and build reports.

Targeted rollouts

Control which users see a variation of a feature with feature flags and targeted rollouts. Use advanced filters and attributes to define your audiences for optimal results.

Custom configuration

Easily swap out your own components for logging, error handling, event dispatching, integrations, and more.

No-latency SDKs

Conduct experiments in performance-critical codepaths. Our SDKs bucket users in memory so experiments have near-zero impact on latency.


Gain insight into the impact of your experiments with statistically valid results. No complex statistical analysis required.

Start with free feature flags

Easily enable, disable, hide, or roll out a product feature at runtime. Choose who gets access to new features.

  • Reduce risk and recover faster
  • Manage all features in one place​
  • Test rollouts on any device
  • Customize open-source SDKs​

Mobile app A/B testing

Run multiple experiments on feature flags to measure impact of an update or change. Ship new features safely, quickly and with confidence to meet customer experience and business metrics.

  • Configure flexibly 
  • Focus on performance
  • Launch with confidence

Data Core Service

Stitch customer and account profiles to create holistic view that goes deeper than just website traffic with enriched first-party data.

  • Harmonized data
  • Unified customer profiles
  • Lead with first-party data

The experts agree. Optimizely named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™

Forrester Research named Optimizely a leader in the Forrester Wave report for Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) on strength in testing and optimization, digital commerce and platform operations.

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