Constellation is inspired by the Habitat for Humanity’s profound and lasting impact on families and communities. Our employees have been touched by stories of Habitat families, their challenges and circumstances, and ultimately their sweat equity, commitment, and hard work to build a new home and a better life.

Constellation’s commitment is to support energy improvements for Habitat affiliate homes, to ultimately increase affordability for each family through energy savings.

Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake:

  • 77 homes have been built to EnergyStar 3.0 standards
  • This translates to approximately 25% in energy savings annually for home-owners
  • The savings are critical in an area where the median income is less than $25,000 annually

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Boston:

  • 6 Habitat for Humanity homes are piloting solar installations
  • These installations are expected to provide approximately 85% of the home-owners' electric needs 

Houston Habitat for Humanity:

  •  Weatherization of 20 homes over 5 years, to improve energy efficiency.

Windy City Habitat for Humanity (Chicago):

  • Energy improvements across 10 homes, with an estimated average annual savings of $790
  • Cracks around doors and windows are a major source of heat loss, and can account for up to one third of a homes overall heating cost
  • Each home in this program received an energy assessment, followed by weatherization actions, such as caulk, insulation, and weather strips

We are proud not only to make a financial commitment, but also to participate as part of the Habitat for Humanity mission of volunteerism and service that is central to our company and values, and close to our hearts. Through this collaboration we are making strides toward the ultimate goal, to provide a safe, affordable home to families who need it most.