Our Commitment to the Environment

Constellation, an Exelon company, recognizes that our industry is resource intensive and produces emissions and waste streams that must be carefully managed. We are working to minimize our impacts on the environment, prevent pollution, preserve natural resources and promote energy efficiency.

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to working with a variety of partners and other stakeholders to proactively address the issues our communities care about. Because environmental stewardship is important to all of us, we support many diverse efforts to leverage the ingenuity of the communities we serve to address local and regional environmental issues.

Investment in Renewable Energy

Constellation matches the electricity requirements of our offices and major data centers nationwide with renewable energy certificates (RECs) sourced from wind renewable resources located within the United States.

This means that for every kilowatt of power that these offices use, an equal amount of renewable electricity is being supplied to the grid. Through our purchase, we are ensuring that there is a financial incentive for power generators to produce the amount of electricity that these offices require using renewable sources.

An extension of our environmental stewardship and investment includes providing environmental products and services to our customers.

Environmental Products & Services

We are proud to offer commercial and residential customers with products and services that can reduce environmental impact and generate long-term local and global environmental benefits.


Renewable Energy Certificates

Residential customers in select electric distribution company service areas can "go green" with our renewable wind energy plans. 

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Renewable Energy Certificates

RECs are recognized as an effective way to promote sustainable energy, without requiring the development of an on-site renewable installation, which may not be an option for every business or organization. 

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We can design, build, own, operate and maintain on-site and utility scale solar projects that will require no up-front capital expenditures.

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Energy Efficiency

Customized solutions for customers that are looking to increase energy efficiency and reliability, while more effectively using capital and lowering operating costs. 

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